BIODROGA skin-specific care systems offer exactly what the skin needs. Combining the most sophisticated ingredients with highly efficient high-tech components. Researched, developed and manufactured in its own laboratories in Baden-Baden, Germany.

BIODROGA products contain no perfumes, emulsifiers, mineral oil, parabens / preservatives and silicones.

Products are not tested on animals or contain any animal ingredients.

Well-groomed skin starts with cleansing. Only skin that is thoroughly clean and clear is able to absorb and make use of the precious ingredients of quality skin care products.

  • Milky Cleanser for normal skin
  • Cleansing Fluid for impure and oily skin
  • Cleansing Oil for sensitive and dry skin
  • Cleansing Foam for all skin types
  • Soothing Lotion for dry and sensitive skin
  • Clarifying Lotion for impure, oily and combination skin
  • Facial Exfoliator with AHA fruit acid
  • Facial Peeling Mild
  • Micro-Dermabrasion – Surface-renewing facial exfoliator
  • Eye Make up Remover Pads




Intensive moisture care, that hydrates down to the lower epidermal layers. Skin appears visibly fuller and smoothed. The super light formulations impart a wonderful feeling of freshness.

  • 24-hour care
  • 24-hour care for dry skin
  • Eye Care
  • Basic Moist
  • Tinted Moisturizer Colour 01 honey + 02 bronze



This timeless range is the answer to dull skin. The active ingredients encourage inter-cellular oxygen exchange and optimise healthy skin processes. Improves moisture levels by triggering the skin’s moisture-binding capacity.

  • Day and Night Care for dry skin
  • Day and Night Care for combination skin
  • 24-hour Facial Fluid
  • Eye Care



Perfectly tolerated care for sensitive skin that reduces skin irritations and restores its protective barrier. Suited for customers who are looking for a particularly gentle care with no colour or fragrances.

  • 24-hour Care
  • Eye Contour Fluid



Helps light-stressed skin repair itself and provides it with a perfect all-round protection. Improves skin’s resistance and protects it against the harmful influences of free radicals while improving its resilience and elasticity and diminishing lines and wrinkles.

  • Day Care spf 15
  • Night Care
  • Eye Care
  • Facial Serum



Formulated to improve the skins hydration levels whilst reducing sebum on the skins surface. The antibacterial ingredients reduce inflammation and irritations on the skins surface leaving the skin matte fresh and smooth.

  • 24-hour Care for impure, dry skin
  • 24-hour Care for impure, oily/combination skin
  • Tinted Day Crème sand touch
  • Tinted Day Crème honey touch
  • Anti-Blemish Crème
  • Anti-Blemish Stick
  • Acno-Lift Crème (Vitamin C)



Strengthens the skin’s tone and vitality and gently stimulates “tired” skin cells. Improves the skin’s moisture content, firms and smooths the skin and gives the skin a relaxed and radiant appearance.

  • 24-hour Care
  • 24-hour Care for dry Skin
  • Refreshing Gel Concentrate
  • Refreshing Eye Fluid



This luxury pre-age range combines effective ingredients that will enhance cell communication for skin renewal, encourage skin’s natural repair mechanisms and make facial contours appear firmer.

  • 24-hour Care
  • 24-hour Care dry skin
  • Pore-Refining Fluid
  • Eye Contour Fluid
  • Luxurious Crème Mask



This scientifically proven anti-aging range with apple stem cell extract and phyto-hormones, protects the longevity of skin stem cells, stimulates their activity and combats lines and wrinkles.

  • Firming Day Care
  • Firming Day Care for dry skin
  • Firming Night Care
  • Firming Eye Care



For mature skin that wants beauty and radiance at any age. The gentle anti-aging ingredients increase skin’s density, improve skin’s resilience, optimize skin’s lipid and moisture levels and protects against free radicals.

  • Restoring Facial Fluid
  • Restoring Day Care for dry skin
  • Restoring Night Care
  • Restoring Eye Care



This premium anti-ageing range imparts new suppleness and energy to skin. Through gentle pulses, the collagen formation is improved increasing skin’s elasticity and resilience. Moreover, it has an instant firming effect and protects skin against the harmful influences of free radicals.

  • Moisturizing Fluid
  • Anti-Age Day Care
  • Anti-Age Night Care
  • Anti-Age Eye Care
  • Smart Rescue Anti-Age Concentrate



An investment in beauty – multi-functional premium care. The best ingredients of all skincare lines combined in one product is the answer to all care demands. Anti-aging and repair, protection and hydration, skin relief and lipid level.



Masks by BIODROGA add a quick, intensive and lasting skin-care experience to your regular day or night care regimen. Highly concentrated key active ingredients quickly solve skin problems and improve the complexion over the long term with regular use.

  • Moisturizing Power Moist Mask
  • Extra-rich Vitamin Honey Mask
  • Clarifying Deep Cleansing Mask
  • Firming, cell-regenerating Anti Age Cell Mask



The SPECIAL CARE skincare line offers the perfect collection of highly concentrated special products for the individual skin demands you have.

  • Face Pre Care – Intensive AHA care to reduce fine lines and age spots.
  • Throat and Décolleté Treatment – Firms and fortifies the skin, improves tissue-supporting strength.
  • Anti-Time Premium Concentrate – The perfect ingredient cocktail for elastic, firm and supple skin.



The combination of a cream’s extraordinary conditioning properties with the coverage of a light make up beautifies the complexion and conceals skin impurities and signs of fatigue. Even pigment spots and skin redness are perfectly covered. Skin is supplied with moisture and the texture optimally adapts itself to skin. The sun protection filter 15 protects skin against the harmful UV rays. The environmentally induced skin aging is prevented and free radicals are countered.

  • Nude
  • Lightly Tanned



The feather light textures improve the skin’s protective functions, optimize skin’s moisture levels, plus diminish lines and wrinkles. Light and rapidly absorbed, leaving no shine and a matte finish.

  • After Shave Balsam
  • 24-h Moisturizing Fluid
  • Anti-Age 24-h Care



More than just a make up! Conditioning, firming and hydrating.

  • Covering Liquid Makeup (4 colour shades)
  • Light Mineral Makeup (4 colour shades)



Pamper your body with intensively nourishing skin care with a scent that endows the body with lasting freshness and energy. Carefully chosen bouquets of active ingredients and silky textures condition the skin to a soft and supple texture.

  • Salt Scrub
  • Daily Body Moisturizer
  • Anti-Cellulite Cream
  • Rich Body Cream
  • Shower Gel



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