A Journey into Clean Beauty with BIODROGA - Beauty Biz

A Journey into Clean Beauty with BIODROGA - Beauty Biz

A Journey into Clean Beauty with BIODROGA - Beauty Biz

Will Fennell’s German Adventure: A Journey into Clean Beauty with Biodroga

After enduring two flights and a nerve-wracking car ride along the infamous German autobahn, where speeds reach a thrilling 180-200 km per hr, Will finally arrived in Baden Baden. Nestled in the embrace of the Black Forest, this quaint German town is where Biodroga has its roots.

Day 1: Delving Into The Biodroga Experience

With a good night's rest under his belt, Will eagerly dived into day 1 of Biodroga's Train the Trainer 2023 program. Every year, trainers from around the globe gather in Baden Baden, immersing themselves in the rich heritage of the Biodroga brand.

Being part of the German Trainers team for the last five years, Will likened the experience to the excitement of the Eurovision Song Contest, a fusion of nations with a special focus on Europe, the birthplace of Biodroga.

This year's training was particularly special, marked by a significant transformation. Over the past two years, the brand had committed to a major overhaul, steering Biodroga into the realm of clean beauty. Harmful ingredients like PEGS, cyclic silicones, microplastics, and parabens were meticulously removed from all Biodroga products, reflecting the brand's commitment to both personal and environmental wellness.

As a trainer, Will was tasked with introducing the new formulations to countries worldwide, educating them on the essence of this reformulation journey. The brand's range, already beautiful, underwent a remarkable transformation, aligning with Biodroga's ethos of non-harm to self or environment.

The prospect of a 100% clean product range excited Will, and he endeavoured to ensure that the brand's values were embraced by countries far and wide. This transformation also involved the launch and relaunch of iconic products, all carefully reformulated to maintain the essence without the inclusion of cyclic silicones and microplastics.

This challenging yet fulfilling endeavour was a matter of immense pride for Will. He proudly introduced the new Bioscience products to the global audience, marking a significant milestone in Biodroga's journey.

The training days were a fusion of education and camaraderie, resembling a close-knit family reunion. Trainers, old and new, united by their love for skin and Biodroga, shared knowledge, experiences, and hearty laughs.


A Glimpse into the Heart of Biodroga: The Black Forest

The first day of training delved deep into Biodroga’s product lines. The Bioscience Institute line, emphasising ‘feel good’ spa products rooted in plant extracts, took centre stage. Also on the first day, the trainers embarked on a delightful visit to the Black Forest. This mystical forest holds great significance for Biodroga, as it was here that Walter Friedman, the visionary creator of Biodroga, sourced plants over 65 years ago, a practice continued to this day.

The Black Forest, the beating heart of Biodroga, yields the precious Black Forest Complex, a vital component of the Bioscience line. Sourced from the Elder, Moss, and Fern, protected species of the forest, this complex finds its way into all Bioscience formulations.

The first night brought shared laughter and a sense of accomplishment after a busy day. Even after the long journey to Germany, the trainers regrouped, cherishing the bonds they shared.

Day 2: Merging Science And Beauty

Following this on day 2, the focus shifted to the Medical Institute line, delving into the science behind active ingredients.

Biodroga's uniqueness lies in its in-house control over every step of the product creation process, all happening in Baden Baden.

This ensures not only a top-quality product but also allows them to maintain ethical standards, sourcing ingredients responsibly and emphasizing environmental friendliness.

The day concluded with more laughter, bonding over drinks, and savouring yummy German cuisine. Truly, the essence of Germany was experienced not just in the training but also in the delightful evenings shared.

Day 3: Unveiling The Future Of Biodroga

The third day marked a significant event: the Distribution Conference. Owners of Biodroga from around the world gathered to discuss the brand's future, particularly its exciting foray into clean beauty and cutting-edge ingredient technology.

Over the three days, the collective love and passion for Biodroga were celebrated. For Will, Biodroga is a deep love, perhaps second only to the iconic Kylie Minogue and his darling fiancé, David. Each holds a special place in his heart, intertwined with his passion for the brand.

As the whirlwind trip came to an end, Will reflected on the incredible journey. Despite the fatigue from the ABlA's and the long plane trip, the experience was undoubtedly worth every moment.

The upcoming 30th anniversary of his association with Biodroga is on the horizon, promising more reasons to celebrate in style.

Germany had left its mark yet again, and the future for Biodroga shines brighter than ever.

Will and Biodroga are ready to embrace it all, with excitement and commitment.

Beauty Biz Editor's Note: This article is a recount of Will Fennell's recent trip to Germany, capturing the essence of his incredible journey with Biodroga.

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