Moisture & Balance

The BIODROGA Bioscience Institute MOISTURE & BALANCE line, enriched with hyaluronic acid, Black Forest Complex, and Cica, effectively moisturises and soothes stressed, dehydrated skin.

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BIODROGA - Moisture & Balance

Optimal hydration is a cornerstone of skin health and well-being. The skin's Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) is a crucial element in preventing excessive dryness. When the skin undergoes significant moisture loss, the NMF can deteriorate, compromising its protective abilities and leading to increased dehydration. Consequently, the skin may become rough, tight, and more susceptible to sensitivity.

To tackle these concerns, the BIODROGA introduces an upgraded MOISTURE & BALANCE system that replaces the former Intense Moisture Formula. Our enhanced system harnesses the potent synergy of hyaluronic acid, the Black Forest Complex, and Cica to bolster the skin's moisture-binding capabilities and effectively soothe stressed, dehydrated skin. This revitalised system restores the skin's natural balance and radiance, ensuring it remains healthy and nourished.