True Cleanness

Clean and powerful: our promise of combining clean formulas with high performance results.

These are strong words – but what constitutes true beauty? We at BIODROGA believe that it is about the personal claim to feel completely comfortable in your own skin. This is not about exaggerated ideals of beauty, but rather about natural radiance and individual skin health. Wrinkles are a sign of a happy, fulfilled life full of highs and lows. After all, it is life that makes us beautiful.

Every body and every skin is beautiful! So why pretend to be something you are not? Remaining true to oneself and standing be oneself radiates a true beauty that no one else can beat. Being beautiful does not mean to be perfect. It’s about living and loving your own individuality. Because this beauty is of its own special nature. Feel beautiful and treat yourself well. We at BIODROGA support you in this endeavor.

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BIODROGA is dedicated to promoting Clean Beauty.

We're committed to providing skin-friendly cosmetics that are safe, sustainable, and free from ingredients that have a negative impact to skin health or the environment. BIODROGA avoids using mineral oils, parabens, microplastic particles, PEGs, and silicones in all of its products. And where possible, our brand also refrains from using fragrances and dyes, animal-based ingredients, and ingredients that contain gluten and lactose.

No Parabens

No Mineral Oil

No Silicones

No Micro-Plastics


No Silicons, Pegs, Parabenes, Paraffin & Microplastics.

We are dedicated to avoiding the use of silicones, PEGs, parabens, kerosene, and microplastics in our products. Our aim is to create skin care that is both highly effective and environmentally friendly, while providing maximum skin compatibility.

We use natural oils, solubilisers, and thickeners instead of silicones, which are derived from petroleum. These ingredients sustainably care for the skin and reinforce its protective barrier.

In place of PEGs, we utilise solubilizers and emulsifiers that can be produced without petroleum and are gentle on the environment.

We place a high value on skin-compatible ingredients and stay informed on the latest scientific research when it comes to new raw materials. As a result, we use alternative preservative systems instead of parabens, selecting raw materials from sustainable production or of natural origin whenever possible. Our priority is to improve skin health in the long term.

No Mineral Oils & Phthalates.

In consideration of the environment, we avoid using mineral oil, which is on our prohibited list due to its negative environmental impact and criticism in the cosmetic industry.

Phthalates are used as softeners to enhance the texture of products, but they are hormone-active chemicals that may negatively affect developmental processes in growing organisms. To differentiate ourselves, we choose not to use phthalates, which are a subject of controversy.

No ingredients of animal origin, colourants, fragrances & ingredients containing gluten and lactose.

We limit the use of animal-based ingredients to instances where they bring benefits to the skin. The selection of fragrances and colorants is done with caution. In the Medical Institute skin care line, we refrain from using animal ingredients, fragrances, and dyes to provide optimal care for problematic skin. Additionally, our gluten-free and lactose-free products are clearly labeled as such.

No Oxybenzone and Formaldehyde.

Oxybenzone is an organic UV filter that primarily absorbs UVB and short UVA rays, which cause sun tanning, sunburn, and skin cancer. It is on our prohibited list due to its harmful effects on oceans, including potential coral bleaching and reef damage.

Formaldehyde is a commonly used preservative in cosmetics that causes severe irritation to mucous membranes and eyes, and respiratory irritation when inhaled. We choose to use preservatives that are safe for both humans and the environment.

The NOI indicates the degree of natural origin of raw materials and cosmetic formulations.

Natural Origin Index (NOI) is determined in accordance with ISO 16128, so that in principle a comparison with all products on the market worldwide is possible, provided that they have determined the NOI. When formulating new formulations, we pay particular attention to using the highest possible proportion of natural and near-natural ingredients. However, we come up against limits, especially in the area of active ingredients, since many active ingredients are specially designed. Especially in our highly effective products with high concentrations of active ingredients, this can therefore lead to a lower NOI.

BIODROGA is a skin care brand that is committed to Clean Beauty. 

By avoiding ingredients that have been criticized for their potential health or environmental impact, the company ensures that its products are safe and sustainable. BIODROGA's focus on using natural and near-natural ingredients in its products demonstrates its commitment to promoting Clean Beauty and ensuring that its customers receive the best possible care for their skin.

What makes BIODROGA special?

We pool our energy and knowledge and develop together with experts, from science to application, honest products, holistic treatments and offer in our institutes, in stores and at home unique moments of care. This is how we make our contribution to individual well-being and natural radiance, and put our work at the service of truthful beauty. Because your beauty deserves only the best!

We are made in the Black Forest, Baden-Baden Germany. Made by & for Professionals.