Skin care with Derma Membrane Complex

The Derma Membrane Complex is a structuring component. With its unique blend, it resembles the skin's lipids and supports the skin's barrier, regeneration and active ingredient penetration.

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BIODROGA - Skin care with Derma Membrane Complex

The Derma Membrane Complex, DMC for short, is physically very similar to the structure of the skin layer and orients itself with its ingredients to the components of the skin.

DMC is used as a structuring component in all cream formulations from Medical Institute and gives the products a particularly delicate texture. Its unique, multifunctional blend of multiple components resembles in their sum in the skin lipids of the extracellular matrix of the stratum corneum.

Due to this skin-related structure, it is characterized by a particularly good skin compa- tibility. In addition, thanks to this structural similarity, DMC can, not only nourish and strengthen the skin barrier and support its regeneration, but also facilitates active ingredients penetration into the skin.

The Derma Membrane Complex enhances our creams in a unique way and supports their effectiveness.

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