Unlocking the Power of Vitamin C: A Guide to Radiant Skin

From its potent antioxidant properties to its pivotal role in collagen synthesis, this powerhouse nutrient has earned its rightful place in every skincare aficionado's regimen. Today, we look at the secrets of Vitamin C, exploring its transformative effects and the BIODROGA Vitamin C Serum in the...

Discover the Ultimate Pairing to Repair and Protect: BIODROGA's Medical Power Couple

In the world of skincare, the delicate dance between embracing the benefits of UV light and combating its potential harms is an intricate routine. To navigate this intricate balance, the Medical Power Couple from BIODROGA combines the protective prowess of the SUN HIGH UV PROTECTION...

Ultimate Sun Protection: Medical Institute SUN High UV Protection Cream SPF 50

Are you tired of searching for the perfect daily moisturiser that not only hydrates your skin but also provides advanced sun protection? Look no further than BIODROGA Medical Institute SUN High UV Protection Cream SPF 50. This remarkable cream offers a perfect combination of moisturisation...

Black Forest Complex: Unlocking the Secrets of Youthful Skin

Experience the wonders of nature and innovative skincare technology with the Black Forest Complex. This extraordinary blend of ingredients, derived from the pristine Black Forest in Baden-Baden, Germany, is expertly crafted to enhance skin resistance, provide deep hydration, and create a soothing effect.   The...

Supercharge collagen production with Vida Glow + BIODROGA

I have always believed that beautiful skin comes from the inside out. Yes, good skincare is very important in maintaining the health of our skin, but what we ingest has more of a direct effect on the production of our connective tissue, mainly collagen.

The power of consistency

With the relaunch of our medical line, BIODROGA Medical Institute, we have simplified the approach even more, clearly identifying the active ingredients and the concentrations and reducing the bottle size to make it more affordable for you to use two serums, which are often needed...

Working the night shift

Everything simply must be perfect on the face. We cleanse our skin thoroughly, pamper it with highly effective serums, massage in a special eye cream and use an individual day and night care.

Energize & Perfect your skin

The first is an Anti-Age Face Oil that offers the skin the gentlest anti-age support. Blended using jojoba, evening primrose and dog rose oil, with vitamin E & A. Its brilliance for delicate and sensitive skin is in its simplicity.

The solution to healthy summer skin

Sometimes nothing feels better than the warmth of sun on our faces and the golden glow it can provide. Unfortunately, there is nothing safe about the sun’s rays. They are both damaging to our skin, causing sunspots and wrinkles, but can also trigger skin cancer.