Natural Origin Index

Have you ever wondered how we measure the naturalness of skincare products? At BIODROGA, we've embraced the Natural Origin Index (NOI) to provide a clear, internationally recognised metric for assessing the natural elements within our cosmetic products. It's a game-changer in the beauty industry, making it easier than ever for you to determine the authenticity of your skin care choices.

Understanding the Challenge

Defining what constitutes "natural" or "organic" cosmetics remains a global challenge, as there is no universally accepted legal definition. This ambiguity has led to an array of different seals and certifications worldwide, each with its own set of criteria. Navigating this landscape can be overwhelming, particularly when comparing products with distinct seals or attempting to assess cosmetics from different regions.

A Global Standard: ISO 16128

Since 2016/2017, an objective international standard for displaying the naturalness of cosmetics has been established – ISO 16128. This standard is developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an esteemed independent organisation dedicated to setting benchmarks that ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of products across various industries.

Unveiling ISO 16128

ISO 16128 offers comprehensive guidelines that define the technical criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients, as well as finished products. It outlines the methodology for evaluating the naturalness of raw materials and calculating the percentage of natural and derived natural ingredients, ultimately resulting in the Natural Origin Index (NOI). The NOI is a scale that ranges from 0% to 100%.

Deciphering the Natural Origin Index

The NOI of each ingredient is determined by its origin:

  • Ingredients of synthetic or mineral origin are assigned an NOI of 0%.
  • Natural ingredients, such as plant-based components and water, boast an NOI of 100%.
  • Derived natural ingredients fall between 0% and 100%, representing modifications to natural ingredients. For instance, acetylated hyaluronic acid, derived from 100% biotechnologically produced hyaluronic acid, carries an NOI of 76%.
  • Perfume (listed as INCI Parfum) can vary in NOI. Perfumes containing only essential oils achieve an NOI of 100%, while those combining essential oils with synthetic components have a lower NOI.

Explore BIODROGA's Natural Origin

At BIODROGA, our skincare products embrace the principles of ISO 16128. This means that when you choose our products, you're opting for cosmetics with quantifiable naturalness. Our dedication to using plant-based and natural ingredients is evident in the impressive Natural Origin Index of our formulations.

Join us in the pursuit of skin care that is truly natural. Discover the power of the Natural Origin Index with BIODROGA, where authenticity and beauty meet harmoniously.