The benefits of Serum Cycling

Discover the benefits of Serum Cycling, a revolutionary approach to skincare. By alternating three serums every three nights, you can provide your skin with the diverse nutrients it needs. From promoting collagen production to shedding dead skin cells, each serum offers unique benefits. Tested on...

Luxurious texture and gold particles

Last year, when BIODROGA launched the next phase of our 65-year-old brand, I was eagerly waiting to see what was in store for our premium care line. And I must say, I was not disappointed. I am thrilled to introduce our latest product, the High...

Supercharge collagen production with Vida Glow + BIODROGA

I have always believed that beautiful skin comes from the inside out. Yes, good skincare is very important in maintaining the health of our skin, but what we ingest has more of a direct effect on the production of our connective tissue, mainly collagen.

The power of consistency

With the relaunch of our medical line, BIODROGA Medical Institute, we have simplified the approach even more, clearly identifying the active ingredients and the concentrations and reducing the bottle size to make it more affordable for you to use two serums, which are often needed...

Energize & Perfect your skin

The first is an Anti-Age Face Oil that offers the skin the gentlest anti-age support. Blended using jojoba, evening primrose and dog rose oil, with vitamin E & A. Its brilliance for delicate and sensitive skin is in its simplicity.

The Ultimate Lifting Box Set⁠

Give the gift anti-ageing care with Novo Peptide3 Technology that firms, lifts and activates skin cell renewal.⁠

Get your glow on

As the seasons change, now is the time to start thinking about repairing the skin damage you did whilst frolicking in the surf and sun or carving up the powder on the Alps (my little snow bunnies)!