Supercharge collagen production with Vida Glow + BIODROGA

Supercharge collagen production with Vida Glow + BIODROGA

I have always believed that beautiful skin comes from the inside out. Yes, good skincare is very important in maintaining the health of our skin, but what we ingest has more of a direct effect on the production of our connective tissue, mainly collagen.

The brand Vida Glow needs no introduction. It is the best-selling collagen supplement in Australia and is a big player in the international market. Why? Because it's the best.  

I wouldn’t recommend anything on my site I don't use and believe in. I started taking collagen about 12 months ago. Actually, if I am honest I "borrowed" a scoop each day from my roommate as I didn’t want to waste my money. I didn’t notice anything to begin with, then about two months in, I noticed how quickly my nails were growing and how healthy my hair was. My skin always looks good thanks to my BIODROGA, but I did have people commenting on how healthy I was looking.



After three months, with my nails stronger, hair healthier and my skin obviously looking and feeling younger, I was hooked. I knew then Vida Glow was a natural addition to my philosophy & science of skincare & beauty at Le skin Bar.

So, how does collagen work? Okay, let’s break this down. Once ingested, marine collagen is absorbed and distributed into the bloodstream, via the blood vessels, to a deeper layer of skin called the dermis. When you ingest hydrolysed collagen peptides, you are increasing the pool of specific amino acids that are needed by cells in the body that produce collagen. As a completely natural protein, marine collagen is an effective, non-invasive solution to visibly improve the appearance and health of skin, hair and nails.

For a short time, we are including a 15ml size of our exciting new Contouring Anti-Ageing Serum from BIODROGA MD. These two products are the perfect duo, working in unison to hydrate and rebuild the skin from the inside and outside.

 2023 is the time to get your glow on with BIODROGA + Vida Glow.


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