BIODROGA MEN - Hydra Power Fluid & Age Fight Cream

BIODROGA MEN - Hydra Power Fluid & Age Fight Cream

Sometimes we just need to make it as simple as we possibly can for the boys. They absolutely need the same ingredients that the girls need, possibly even more as we often put our skin through the rigours of shaving and excess sun exposure, whilst the ladies are covering up with tinted coverage. All this information is not cutting edge and we definitely weren’t the first company to put "MEN" on the bottle, but we are one of the first companies to create two formulas, that are every bit as advanced in skin science as the ones designed for the female market.

This is German innovative skin care for MEN!



This fluid can be summed up in a few words "Feels like nothing on the skin'. Super hydration, no greasy feeling on the skin and absolutely no shine at the end of the day. For the man that likes to look good but have no one ask why they look so fresh!?  Perfect for daytime wear, and even at the gym. The main ingredient is the super hydrating hyaluronic acid.



The Hydra Power Fluid is a faultless product, for its target market, but what about the man with drier skin, or that wants more from his skin care than just hydration? What about the man that is worried about wrinkles, lines and dull skin, specially around his eyes? So, after much consideration amongst us in Germany, the Ant-Age Fight Cream was created, and it is a formula that I am very proud of. It's packed with everything the skin needs to keep looking young and I proudly use this product every day. The main actives are muscle softening and collagen stimulating peptides and caffeine to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

The two formulas also work well as a combo together. 

  • Use in the AM - HYDRA POWER FLUID
  • Use in the PM - ANT-AGE FIGHT CREAM (+ Eye Area)

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