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Special Care provides extra care for specific skin regions and concerns. Concentrated ingredient products address ageing lips, firm neck and décolleté, and refine pores.

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BIODROGA - Special Care

Special Care provides that extra bit of care for special skin regions and skin concerns. Our skin often has different needs in different areas, and these special care products are designed to address these specific needs. The highly concentrated ingredient products, such as the anti-age lip care, a firming neck and décolleté care, or a pore-refining AHA facial fluid care, target often forgotten areas of the face that need extra attention.

Our anti-age lip care is formulated to protect and nourish delicate lip skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The firming neck and décolleté care is designed to address skin laxity and restore firmness to this often neglected area. And our pore-refining AHA facial fluid care is perfect for those looking to refine their complexion and smooth the look of their skin.

These special care products complete your BIODROGA skincare routines, providing an extra level of care and attention to your skin's needs. With highly concentrated ingredients, they deliver effective results and contribute to a healthy, radiant complexion.