BIODROGA MD Clear+ is a skincare program designed to restore balance to impure and pimple-prone skin, including 10 products for cleansing, nourishing, and concealing imperfections.

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Impure and pimple-prone skin can be caused by a variety of factors, including bacteria, environmental influences, medications, hormonal changes, and diseases. To restore the balance of impure skin, a skincare program tailored to the respective skin type is necessary. BIODROGA MD Clear+ offers a complete skincare solution with 10 products to address the needs of impure skin. This range includes cleansing fluids, masks, nourishing creams, and fluids, as well as special products for local treatment of blemishes.

The aim of BIODROGA MD Clear+ is to provide a complete skincare solution that not only addresses the causes of impure skin, but also helps to restore its natural balance, resulting in a clearer and more radiant complexion.