Medical Power Couple

Discover the Ultimate Pairing to Repair and Protect.

BIODROGA's Medical Power Couple Kit

What's in the kit?

1 x SKIN BOOSTER 5% Peptide Serum / 15ml
Immediately firms skin and encourages collagen growth

1 x SUN High UV Protection Cream SPF 50 / 15ml
Daily SPF 50 moisturiser with antioxidant protection

1 x Black BIODROGA Cosmetics Bag
Handy to store your BIODROGA essentials.

SKIN BOOSTER 5% Peptide Serum

The answer to improving elasticity and sagging facial contours. The innovative formulation combines five peptides to help build collagen and elastin and reduce inflammation.

Learn more about 5% Peptide Serum

SUN High UV Protection Cream SPF50

Protection against UVA and UVB rays and free radicals, and preventing light-induced premature skin ageing and pigmentation.

Learn more about SUN High UV Protection Cream SPF50

Complimentary Branded Cosmetics Beauty Bag

This stylish and functional bag is the perfect accessory to keep your beauty essentials organised and accessible wherever you go.


$71.00 AUD

In the skincare world, balancing the benefits of UV light with its potential harms is a delicate dance. To achieve this balance, BIODROGA's Medical Power Couple combines the protective power of SUN HIGH UV PROTECTION ...

BIODROGA 'Medical Power Couple' Kit